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Pilot - Patient Survey Results

We ran a pilot study in the South of England with over 500 General Practitioners. The pilot was to assess the value of information as a first line support tool for the treatment of particularly acute back pain. A patient survey was provided on receipt of our self-management information and then a second survey conducted six months later.

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Pilot Survey Assessment

Assessment of the value of providing high quality written information as first line treatment for acute back pain

The survey data is from 100 patient replies.

1. In the first survey received from patients within 21 days of receiving the pack, we asked a number of questions. We wanted to know if patients found the information helpful and easy to read and follow.

93% of patients said they found the advice helpful.

2. Patients suffer anxiety with back pain and this can stop them taking the steps needed for pain relief and recovery.

71% of patients found that reading the information reduced their anxiety about their back pain.

3. It is important that patients do not remain immobile after an episode of back pain; activity is the key to reducing re-occurrence.

53% of patients said the information helped them to become more active with another 9% who were not sure.

We followed up the initial survey with another one 6 months later.

4. Although it is perceived as good practice to provide patients with clear written information, we wanted to look at how much this actually happens in practice.

89% of patients said they had not received any other written advice material

5. We wanted also to establish how many patients went on to have onward referral due to back pain after receiving the packs. We asked, “have you been referred to physiotherapy or the hospital due to back pain since you received your pack”? A number of patients were routinely referred. Out of 100 patient responses we were able to establish that of the 34 patients referred to hospital or physiotherapy, 15 of those were automatically referred at initial consultation. The actual figures are therefore as follows.

66% of patients did not need Physiotherapy after receiving their Information packs.
19% of patients returned to their GP and were referred to physiotherapy.
15% of patients were referred to physiotherapy at their initial consultation

We do appreciate that this is not a clinical trial but was conducted to give us some indication as to the quality and validity of the information service we provide.

An additional benefit of our guides is that we can print in a number of languages as standard and any other language on request, subject to a minimum order.



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