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Occupational Health

"The booklets have proven quite useful and the feedback from the staff which is our benchmark is very positive and this in many cases reduced the cost of a full referral to physiotherapy."
Cleveland Fire Brigade - Occupational Health

Back pain is rarely a serious problem for sufferers but a real headache for employers.

Q - How much is absence costing you?

A - In 2010 the medium cost for each absent employee was £760, varying by size of organisation and sector. Costs in the public sector average 46% more than private sector. In total, absence costs across the UK economy were over £17 billion. Chronic back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders are considered important contributors to the cause of long-term absence. ¹

Following the correct advice soon after an episode of musculoskeletal pain can reduce the amount of time employees need to take off work.

Our Material

backproActive provides self-care material to a range of customers, including Occupational Health Departments and Private Occupational Health Providers. Our information supports employers and staff by providing information to aid recovery, assist return to work and help manage occupational health costs.

The booklets give useful hints and tips in a number of areas including driving and office working. The Desktop Mini Guides offer a notes section for healthcare professionals to include specific self-care advice relating to employees' individual needs and work requirements.


Providing clear, user-friendly information in the workplace can:

  • Support employee return to work and reduce productivity losses
  • Promote a positive work environment and staff well-being
  • Support existing services and advice given by Occupational Health
  • Encourage appropriate self-management to help prevent reoccurrence
  • Offer an intervention tool to avoid acute pain becoming chronic, leading to long-term absence
  • Help manage occupational health budgets

Our material has been written by our Chartered Physiotherapist Director and contains up-to-date and accurate information.

Reference: ¹ CBI Absence and Workplace Health Survey 2011




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